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based on blockchain technologies

№1 platform for Exhibition Industry

We apologize for the inconvenience. The token sale is suspended due to our preparation for international ICO market entering. The process can take from 2 to 4 weeks.


Offer for investors of the Global Virtual Expo | Eng | SHOWMEBIZ
Советы по ICO от Ольги Амрай, проект Showmebiz
ICO "SHOWMEBIZ" interview for ICO Talk TV with Olga Amraie [RUS]
Стань совладельцем Виртуального Выставочного Центра
Выгоды инвесторов
Активы и экономика токена ExpoCoin
Защита авторского права ShowMeBiz и ExpoCoin
Безопасность активов совладельцев Виртуального Экспоцентра
UFI Congress 2017 - UFI Xchange: EventTech - ShowMeBiz


ExpoCoin smart contracts innovate in the Expo industry:


For all participants of the Exhibition industry
Visit any expo
in one click
All worldwide expos are on one platform with live broadcasting and VR format
You make
You receive monthly dividends from renting your ExpoBlock. And this is 80% of companies payment
Your promotional information will find users on the platform by geography, interests, and actions they take. Only relevant info, no spam
Expo Industry
Our peer-to-peer expo sharing platform boosts trade shows with worldwide popularization and instant access while lowering expenses for vendors

Use Cases

Bring more success to your business

Intellectual property

Token structure

Distributed to Community 70%
Reserved Funding 15%
Founders and Team 9%
Advisors 3%
"Bounty" campaign 3%
ExpoCoin (EXPO): Utility Token (see Section 9.1, 9.2 in White Paper)
Number of EXPOs for sale at ICO: 30 000 000
HardCap: 21 000 000
Technical Token number limitation: 300 000 000
Secured ways to purchase tokens: Bitcoin (ВТC), Ethereum (ETH)

Tokenholder benefits

Be an owner of virtual expo center and get profit every month (see Section 9.3 in White Paper)
  • ExpoBlock - a unit of virtual space (see Section 9.4 in White Paper).

  • Total amount: 300 000 000.

  • ExpoBlock accrues to each holder of ExpoCoin immediately after completion of all stages of ICO in the ratio of 1:1.

  • All ExpoBlock holders are co-owners of the Virtual Exhibition Centre and receive 80% of the profit each month.

  • Companies rent ExpoBlock to promote their activities.

  • The functionality of one ExpoBlock for tenant companies is limited: 1 picture, 1 video, 200 characters in description.

  • The more ExpoBlock, the more passive income!

Be a Part of the VIP Community

A VIP-package is the purchase of ExpoCoin tokens for $10 000 or more worth
Advantages of the VIP package : All unsold tokens are passing the rounding procedure (see Section 2 White Paper) and distributed to the VIP investors proportional to the number of coins that they purchased.
Unsold tokens are distributed twice: at the end of the Pre-ICO and at the end of the final stage of the ICO.
There is a cumulative program in place during all stages of the ICO, the number of tokens is added up and by the end of the 2rd stage of the ICO, all ExpoCoin is awarded with ExpoBlock 1:1.
This is for VIP package holders only
Token purchased
Bonus in tokens for volume
Amound of purchased ExpoCoin tokens
from 10 000
to 19 999
from 20 000
to 49 999
Amound of purchased ExpoCoin tokens
from 50 000
to 99 999
from 100 000
and more

Token 2 stage ICO (see Section 2 in White Paper)

Second Stage ICO starts 01.05.2018
Bonus sale
token premium
1 May
Buy Expo tokens
Bonus sale
token premium
1 June
Buy Expo tokens
Bonus sale
token premium
1 July
Buy Expo tokens

100 expocoin is minimum amount of investments

Buy tokens now
Stages token sale:
20 January 2018
10:00:00 UTC-4
Token Limit : 2 100 000 tokens
ExpoCoin Price: $1.00
Term of Token Sale: Maximum of 21 days, completed early if token limit is reached
All unsold tokens are distributed to VIP package holders
1 stage ICO
1 March 2018
10:00:00 UTC-4
First Stage:
Token Limit: 39 900 000
ExpoCoin Price: $1.25
Term of Token Sale: Maximum of 30 days, completed early if token limit is reached
2 stage ICO
1 May 2018
10:00:00 UTC-4
Second Stage:
Token Limit: 168 000 000
Term of Token Sale: Maximum of 92 days, completed early if token limit is reached
+50% Token Bonus is during May.
+35% Token Bonus is during June.
+25% Token Bonus is during July.

Road Map

our goal is to make Expo Industry more open and profitable for all participants
Nov' 16
WebSummit Participated as Startup
May' 17
mvp developing / 50 countries expo list for ‎2017-2019
June '17
ShowMeBiz Ltd. registered in Hong Kong
September' 17
ICO Startup battle
October' 17
Partnership with UFI
November' 17
Participated UFI Congress as a sponsor in South Africa
January' 18
Pre-ICO start
February' 18
Beta version developing
March' 2018
1 stage ICO
April' 2018
Partnership with Expo Organizers in 15 countries
May' 2018
2 Stage ICO
June' 2018
Blockchain on Platform, Departments at Europe, Asia, America, Africa
September' 2018
Lifestream and 360 Video on Platform.
October' 2018
WorldWide Virtual Expo Center
January' 2020
Leadership at Expo Industry. 30 000 exhibitions per year providing with ShowMeBiz Platform

Our team

Olga Amraie
Olga Amraie
Founder, Chief Executive Officer
Tеtiana Troianovska
Tеtiana Troianovska
Co-Founder, Chief Operating Officer, Product Owner
Yuliia Tokalenko
Yuliia Tokalenko
Content Manager
Ivan Mazur
Ivan Mazur
Blockchain Developer
Viktor Govorov
Viktor Govorov
iOS developer/Team Lead
Tetiana Gomon
Tetiana Gomon
Lyudmila Savitskaya
Lyudmila Savitskaya
Public relations
Anton Oberthyukh
Anton Oberthyukh
Senior AR/VR Developer
Javier Armendariz
Javier Armendariz
Professional in video editing
Vladislav Ocheretyaniy
Vladislav Ocheretyaniy
Head of exhibition management Departament


Gennadiy Chizhikov
Gennadiy Chizhikov
The President of The Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Serhii Znakhur
Serhii Znakhur
AI advisor, Data Mining, business processes, consulting and management accounting
Ruslan Burlacnehko
Ruslan Burlacnehko
Strategy and Business Advisor, Blockchain development
Amir Amraie
Amir Amraie
Strategy Advisor, The Mentor of Start-up projects in London
Prokushev Evgeniy
Prokushev Evgeniy
Strategy coach. The owner of three companies increasing customer flow, the owner of the Internet professions training center "Third millennium"
Ludmila Buturlja
Ludmila Buturlja
Marketing Advisor, The owner of Facebook publics with more than 3,000,000 subscribers
Maria Bristow
Maria Bristow
Strategy Advisor, Master Degree in Business and Financing, Portsmouth University (UK), Microsoft Partner in Networking
Igor Shevchenko
Igor Shevchenko
Foreign economic relations, patent attorney of Ukraine, head of department of foreign economic relations
Vitaliy Batrun
Vitaliy Batrun
Head Officer of Department of negotiations and external partnership

Our partners


At the first day after ICO running finish you get ExpoBlock to your personal account. ExpoBlock amount is the same as ExpoCoin you have 1:1. As a result you have and ExpoCoins and ExpoBlocks. The more ExpoBlocks you have, the more profit every month you get.
There are many different products for exhibitions and trade shows. Most of them are created for individual use only. ShowMeBiz platform is like Uber for taxi, just for exhibition industry. Wherever you go or which expo you wish to get info from you can use ShowMeBiz. But the main difference is Blockchain technology and Worldwide Virtual Expo Center, where anybody can own space and get its benefits from hiring.
ExpoBlock is not a token and will not trade on market. It is a unit shows who is the owner of virtual expo space and who is getting profit. There are 300 million ExpoBlocks and each will be owned by users who buy ExpoCoin during ICO run. After all ICO stages finish there are no way to buy ExpoBlocks any more.
Our goal is to hire every single ExpoBlock to the companies. 80% of Virtual Expo income goes to ExpoBlock’s holders as a profit. You do not worry if your ExpoBlocks are hiring or not as total income from Virtual Expo hiring shares between ExpoBlock’s holders. There is formula:
Monthly profit= 80%*Total Income / 300 000 000 * ExpoBlock’s amount
The more ExpoBlocks you have, the more profit you get. The longer Virtual Expo Center works, the more total income from hiring.
Mobile app is ready for download from 20th of January. There are more than 20 000 exhibitions info from 40 countries up to 2019. Soon every exhibition will have companies list and all functions for attendees. At the end of 3rd stage of ICO all exhibitions will be provided by livestreaming and 360 video for VR view. At september 2018 the Virtual Expo Center fully function starts.
Pre-ICO starts on 20th of January 2018 and will run during 21 days. There are 4 stages including Pre-ICO. It helps distribute all ExpoBlocks and provide benefits to all investors who want to be an owner of Virlual Expo Center. By the way all investors can follow ICo success live and till the end if ICO follow the news of Virtual Expo developing.
The Pre-ICO starts on January 20 and ends on February 9. You can receive up to a 50% token bonus for purchases during this time period. I.e. if you buy 30 000 EXPO tokens, you will receive a bonus 15 000 EXPO tokens, so in total you’ll get 45 000 EXPO tokens. If you need an exclusive offer please contact us: [email protected]
The uniqueness of the EXPO token is that it is demand-based. Each transaction in a Virtual Expo Center and ShowMeBiz platform forms a demand for token, because part of the funds from the transaction go toward its purchase on the open market. This ensures constant liquidity of the EXPO tokens
Minimum token purchase amount during the token sale is just 100 EXPO tokens.
The purchase of ExpoCoin in the period of ICO is not available. Only at the start of ico stages within 30 days.
The project is not a start-up, we have a working product, so we do not anticipate having to return funds.
Profit accrued: in ExpoCoin, there will be a currency exchanger inside the cabinet at the time of completion of ICO and after linking your bank card and passing the verification process, you can easily withdraw your money.
No need to register again, however, every investor will receive a certificate confirming the ownership of the investment and change of name and surname will be necessary to complete in the profile (profile editing is not available at the moment due to data protection during ico)
At the end of the ICO, there will be an exchanger and you will have an opportunity to convert into fiat money (upon verification of your card)
It will 100% rise (there are only 300 000 000 of ExpoBlock), this is the benefit to invesotrs. Additionally, owning ExpoCoin has the added benefit of creating an additional asset, ExpoBlock of 1:1 ratio.
ExpoCoin will rise and its predicted to reach $200 for 1 ExpoCoin by the end of 2019, as there are only 300,000,000 of ExpoBlock, however, ExpoCoin can be traded as soon as ExpoBlock is acquired.
Good day. Please check carefully if your balance has changed in ETH. We work with Efirium and regardless of the form of payment you made, you should be able to see the balance in ETH. The transaction from BTC may take some time, it depends on confirmations of the transaction inside the Blockchain. As soon as the transaction is confirmed it will be credited to our account, and you’ll see your credited balance in ETH, after which you will be able to quickly and easily purchase ExpoCoin.
- You purchase ExpoCoin for dollars, that’s what we do now. Later, after the ICO ends, the system will recognise how many ExpoCoins you have and will convert them at a Block rate of 1:1. Block - Is a certificate acknowledging you as an investor and expecting to receive dividends (gold bars in the bank). However, the currency, ExpoCoin, can be traded (companies will be purchasing ExpoCoin by this time)
Yes, in September the paid stage will be launched, and on 1.10.2018 the first payment to investors is planned.
At the moment of registration and purchase of ExpoCoin, smart contracts are signed. After the 2nd stage (June), a virtual Expocentre on smart contract technologies will already be developed. Furthermore, after the 3rd stage (August 1) you will have ExpoBlock, and you get the official certificate CO-OWNER of the virtual exhibition center. From this moment on, all information about the work of the center will be available in the personal cabinet.
For example, you decided to leave your child the inheritance, or perhaps husband or wife or to transfer to a friend partially. You transfer the right of ownership, this person will also have a certificate, and he will also be able to claim profit, but it's up to you to decide on what terms you will do so. Some individuals may choose to sell their ownership while others may donate it or gift it for free. We will not be able to control this process nor could set the price.
This will only be available beginning in August and yes - a person will need to register in the system
Thank you for such an in-depth question.
- At the beginning for your $1,000 you get 1500 ExpoCoin.
1st February you download the app and get 1 extra ExpoCoin.
Invite mother or a friend and get 1 more ExpoCoin for each invite.
All together you accumulate 1503 ExpoCoin.
On the 1st August you will have
- 1503 ExpoCoin
- 1503 ExpoBlock
From October 1, you can make a profit, and by October we will have an internal exchange (there are customers, companies, users who will need these ExpoCoin, so this is of utmost priority to us). There will be various available systems for withdrawal and deposit of money (Visa / Mastercard).